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Aniera Nama Cyrovous

Nickname: The Cryovolcanic Kaiju Girl, The Kaiju Who's Ice Burns, and The Only Living Thing From the Moon Triton.

Age: She's 38 years old

Personality: She's a very wonderful kaiju girl but tends to be shy or even stay distant cause she's well from another planet on the same solar system. She loves to feel both ice and fire on her body as she calls it cryofire or cryomagma or hotice whatever she names it it's usually the same. Anyways she has a loving mother like figure connection between Pele and Helga and her as they are kaijus of ice and fire. The only thing she'll hate is if her friends betray her as in try to kill her.

Birthday: Unknown

Birthplace: Her birthplace is Neptune's moon of Triton

Currently Living: She lives on Monster Girl Island 2.0

Hair: She has long beautiful icy blue hair that reaches to her lower back towards her butt but it looks like cryolava as it looks like Pele's lava hair

Eyes: Her eyes are icy blue

Body: She has a very sexy body as her breasts are FF cup and as a sexy butt to boot. She has a icy blue jewel on the back of her left hand and right hand.

Body (Kaiju Form): In her kaiju form as she's coated black icy crystal as her skin but coated in white ash like a cyrovolcano. Also she shows lines inside the crystals like cryolava instead of being disturbing to look at instead if you look at the cryolava all over her body like the veins you will be amazed by it. She has giant icy crystals as spikes but the tip end are like cryovolcano holes from her arms, legs, and back that are so tiny that you can't see them but they spew cryolava when angered.

Outfit: She just only wears a white strapless bra that's made to look like cryovolcanic rock and matching tight panties with cryolava on the bottom of the panties.

Likes: Pele, Helga, Cryovolcanoes, her home moon Triton, fire, ice, and anything else that's icy fire

Dislikes: Anyone betraying her

Skin: Her skin in human form is white Caucasian skin but slightly tan. But in kaiju form is basically what I said for her body in kaiju form.

Favorite Place: Her favorite place is her homeplanet that she can go to anywhere cause of the house back Monster Girl Island 2.0

Favorite Underwear: a white strapless bra that's made to look like cryovolcanic rock and matching tight panties with cryolava on the bottom of the panties.

Favorite Bikini: Her underwear

Favorite Giantess Move: She enters the entrance of the city and gets on her knees and smiles waving hi to the people she talk with them and smiles gently. A few minutes later she gets up waving bye and leaves

Voice: Her voice is similar to a mature woman

Powers: In her human form she can freeze herself so cold that the person will freeze up when they touch her or make her burn so hot that they'll burn to death. Plus her stomps create a blue AoE attack and make snow with clouds.

Powers (Kaiju Form): In her kaiju Form she can breath a blue fire that burns so cold that it'll freeze you and burn you at the same time. In fact even firing a ice blast from her mouth can catch a person on fire while frozen inside the ice. She can create a ice barrier to protect herself and any city she sees that's in danger. She can summon cyrovolcanoes appear out of nowhere and erupt cryolava and cryomagma. She can make snow and ice appear out of nowhere. When she makes a shockwave by jumping it makes a cryovolcanic fissure appear. Also she has the ability to make a icy whip from the ice she makes and use them to slash an icy burn scars on them that never goes away till she wants it gone. Finally with the jewels on her hands she's able to heal herself no matter how painful of the pain she receives and with her mini cryovolcanoes on her skin that's so small that only humans can see it. She is able to summon homing cryolava bullets or missile if you want to call them that and fire it anywhere she wants.

Height: She's 610ft

Family Relation: She's a sorta mother figure to Pele and Helga

Favorite Giantess Crush: The breast crush

Backstory: Along time ago what people didn't know in Neptune's moon Triton was a kaiju girl now called Super kaiju girl for kaiju girls that are over 500ft was on that moon hiding from the satellites and camera that come from earth so she wouldn't be discovered. She was a shy one and tends to keep outta sight. That is until the time the 2nd generation kaiju girls appeared. During that tight a satellite goes around the world of the moon and scans not just the ground but the underground itself showing Aniera and boy was she huge. Basically they sent Molly there. Molly being able to survive in space was able to contact Aniera and explained why she is here. Aniera at first was scared but Molly hugged her giant form which burned and freeze her but due to her cells she could heal from it so she wasn't afraid of hugging her body. Molly asked if she wanted to come to Earth. Aniera at first was hesitant but she grabbed her hand using her pinky then they went back to Earth. There Aniera was interviewed but had Molly do the answering for her as she was to shy. Even Molly said that so the people would ease up. Molly then took her to Monster Girl Island 2.0 introducing her to the other kaiju girls especially Pele and Helga who think she looks like a fusion between the 2. Aniera smiled and hugged both of them gently being doubled their height. As she was given the tour of the island Molly showed her the house she'll live in but with a catch the house has a portal in it so whenever she wants she can go back to her home on Triton and back. Aniera smiled down at Molly and said thank you to her. But she shook her head as in after accepting of living on Earth she will live here but go back to her home once or twice a week. Molly nodded and left for Aniera to get use to things. Aniera now being on Earth even though she's shy of being with tinies or even with the other kaiju girls. But she knows that she'll get use to living on Eath and be happy with her new friends and family members. So with that she's really happy.

Aniera by ChaosKnightXZ

Here's my 340th OC and my 40th Kaiju OC. She was originally gonna be named Nama but I decided to make it her middle name. Anyways she's based on the cryovolcano. Yes there is such thing as a cryovolcano as their located on icy moons in the solar system. She is also another super kaiju girl as well. Also another challenge from :iconmatthew0606: anyways I hope you like her. =)

For any of those who don't know what a cryovolcano looks like here it is. ferrebeekeeper.files.wordpress…
Matthew0606 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014
I am impressed.
ChaosKnightXZ Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014
Thanks glad you like it
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